'That's Nuts, Guys': Chipmunk Stuffs Kids' Peanuts Into Its Mouth

A peckish chipmunk was filmed taking two whole peanuts from a family of campers in Quebec and stuffing them in its mouth before scuttling off into the wilderness.

Footage shared to YouTube by David Freiheit on July 30 shows the chipmunk cautiously approach his three children, all of whom are holding peanuts. After briefly examining its options, the small rodent picks one of the peanuts and fits it in its left cheek.

The chipmunk starts to run away but goes back for a second helping, nabbing another peanut from one of the children. It jams the second nut in its right cheek and makes for the trees, prompting Freiheit to punningly comment: “That’s nuts, guys!”

“I was amazed at how it fit two entire peanuts into its cheeks,” Freiheit told Storyful. Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful