That's one big squirrel! Giant rodent enjoys a free breakfast in southern India

A fruit-seller in southern India has struck up an unusual friendship with a giant squirrel and invites the whopping rodent to a free breakfast every day. Footage captured in Coonoor in the state of Tamil Nadu on August 29 shows the hefty creature descending from the surrounding trees to select the fresh produce from the stall. Moments later, the squirrel scampers off to enjoy its healthy breakfast. According to the fruit-seller, she had to close her stall for several months during the COVID-19 lockdown but was amazed when the squirrel came to find as soon as she reopened. Indian giant squirrels, also known as Malabar giant squirrels, are large multi-coloured tree-dwelling rodents that can be found in forests and woodlands in several parts of India.

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