'The Apprentice': First look at cringeworthy tourism task

Watch: Apprentice candidates' tourism task is most cringeworthy yet

The Apprentice candidates take on their most cringeworthy task yet tonight as they try to sell awkward tours of North Wales attractions.

Lord Sugar's search for a business partner has reached the halfway point and the candidates have been set a tourism task that traditionally features in every series of the BBC One show.

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In this year's series, they head to North Wales where in preview clips of tonight's episode, one team can be seen touting a mine tour while the others guide holidaymakers on a train trip.

Amy Anzel and Aaron Willis set up stall on a busy pier in the hope of luring tourists to sign up for their mine trip, but Willis struggles to make himself heard over the top of Anzel shouting into a loud hailer - directed straight towards his ears as he tries to speak to potential customers.

<p>The holiday making task is filled with awkward moments.</p>
Karren Brady is unimpressed with the selling tactics. (BBC)

Meanwhile, the other candidates aren't managing to provide a much more relaxing holiday as they turn tour guide on a steam train trip through the Welsh countryside.

Nicholas Showering struggles to drum up enthusiasm for the "breathtaking agricultural views" of a tractor directly outside of the window, while Stephanie Affleck and Brittany Carter lurk behind him trying to contain their laughter as he talks about the importance of "sheeping" to the Welsh economy.

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With neither team's groups of tourists looking particularly impressed, who will manage to win the task - and who will be fired by Lord Sugar?

<p>The holiday making task is filled with awkward moments.</p>
The train tour takes in some underwhelming scenes. (BBC)

Last week saw Francesca Kennedy Wallbank fired in a shock exit after previously having been a competition favourite.

The contest previously lost one candidate, Shama Amin, to ill health when she had to withdraw after finding the challenges were too physically demanding with her rheumatoid arthritis.

Fans of the show have seen it make a return for the first time since 2019 after it was forced off air for the last two years by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Apprentice airs tonight (Thursday) at 9pm on BBC One.

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