'The Celebrity Circle': Who is the first celebrity to be blocked?

The Circle - celebrity
Who was first to leave The Celebrity Circle? (Channel 4)

The Celebrity Circle has evicted its first player as Duncan James was picked to be sent home - making way for Charlotte Crosby to enter the game as Peter Andre.

In last night's launch episode, the celebrity players rated each other for popularity and put Saffron Barker and Big Narstie (being impersonated by Lady Leshurr) in the lead, making them influencers - and leaving them in charge of who would be first out tonight.

Leshurr picked Denise Van Outen to be at risk of eviction and Barker chose Duncan James, but after a virtual summit about who their final choice should be, they agreed on booting Blue singer James from the contest.

Duncan James
Duncan James was sad to leave (Channel 4)

Crosby was shown moving into the Celebrity Circle apartment block at the end of the episode, but viewers will need to wait until tomorrow night to see her introduce "Peter Andre".

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Barker, who had admitted last night that she didn't know who either Van Outen or James was, argued in favour of keeping Van Outen by dropping a back-handed compliment.

She said of 46-year-old Van Outen: "Maybe I relate to her because she's the same age as my mum."

Denise Van Outen
Denise Van Outen survives another day in The Celebrity Circle (Channel 4)

Earlier, as she had been deciding who to put up for eviction, the 20-year-old YouTuber also revealed that she didn't know who Kim Woodburn (really being played by Baga Chipz) was either.

Barker said: "Kim, I still don't really know who she is as a person, I don't really understand what she does."

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Good mates Van Outen and James are two of only three celebrity contestants actually playing as themselves - along with Barker - and were upset to be up against each other.

James bid farewell to the contest by saying he would donate his fee to Stand Up To Cancer, the fundraising campaign that the series is supporting.

He also chose to meet "Gemma Collins" before leaving and discovered that she was really Loose Women stars Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha pretending to be her.

James tipped them off to make more effort with his pal Van Outen, as they had missed the fact that she narrates Towie and would know Collins through the show.

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