'The Chase' viewers claim 'fix' after Shaun Wallace beats team to £27k

Watch: The Chase contestants lose out on £27,000 jackpot as the show is criticised for 'easy' questions

The Chase viewers have accused the quiz show of being rigged after Shaun Wallace stopped a team taking home a jackpot of £27k.

The ITV game show - based on professional quizzers, known as chasers, preventing teams from winning their prize money - saw Shaun 'The Dark Destroyer' Wallace defeat a team of three people on Monday 21 March, leaving them to go home empty handed.

Contestants Kyle, 31, Laura, 23, Mark, 50, made it to the final after fellow player Eileen, 64, was knocked out. They answered 21 questions correctly in a bid to bag their £27,000 jackpot.

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But Wallace, 61, beat their time by four seconds, answering 17 correct questions in a row.

Bradley Walsh hosts 'The Chase'. (ITV)
Bradley Walsh hosts 'The Chase'. (ITV)

Host Bradley Walsh told them: "Caught with four seconds remaining. I've got to take away the £27,000 and tell you you have been caught and the chase is over."

The Dark Destroyer added: "They played very, very well, but I was superb there."

Walsh replied: "17 on the bounce. I've got to say it is some performance. It is indeed a tactical game and Eileen going was the crucial part of it. They should have told her to go low. They would all be taking home money, but they didn't."

But viewers claimed the quiz was a "fix" and that barrister Wallace had been given "easy" questions.

One wrote on Twitter: "The Chase absolute fix how easy the questions have been for him."

Another said: "If those are the standard of questions in the final round, then we’re all chasers."

A fellow viewer said: "Even I got 11 of Sean's [sp] questions then. Miles easier set than the contestants."

A fourth fan said: "Shaun Wallace's questions tonight on @ITVChase couldn't have been easier."

And another tweeted: "They’ve given Shaun the ‘Junior Chase’ questions!"

The Chase's Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace stopped a team taking home £27k on the quiz show. (ITV)
The Chase's Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace stopped a team taking home £27k on the quiz show. (ITV)

But many Twitter users agreed that Wallace had put on an impressive performance.

One wrote: "Crikey Shaun was on fire.."

A second Chase viewer said: "Shaun blitzed that."

And another pointed out: "Before anyone claims 'fix' - can we just remember that the team's last question was about anti-histamines counteracting histamines."

The Chase sees a team of four contestants attempt to amass the most amount of prize money they can by answering trivia questions with a score of £1,000 per question. They then take on a professional quizzer - known as the chaser - who will attempt to defeat them and prevent them winning the jackpot.

The Chase stars are fearsome quizzers. (ITV/Gary Moyes)
The Chase stars are fearsome quizzers. (ITV/Gary Moyes)

The largest amount of money won by a single contestant on the show was £75k by contestant Edan, 20, in August 2021.

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Countdown presenter Rachel Riley and GB News presenter Kirsty Gallacher earned £160,000 for Soccer Aid in The Celebrity Chase after beating Wallace in the final chase in 2018.

The quiz show airs between 5pm and 6pm on weekdays on ITV1.

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