The Crown: Best Lines From The Show

Netflix debuted it’s latest series The Crown to a triumphant fanfare, wowing critics and audiences alike. Starting in 1947, the series explores the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s (played by Claire Foy) reign as she focuses on her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) while dealing with the government and ailing Prime Minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow). 

The £100 million 10-episode first season boasts an admirably charming Foy as the young Queen determined to make her marriage work as she attempts to balance her private and public lives. Smith is easily likeable as Prince Philip, who struggles to find his place while his wife is Queen and Lithgow’s Churchill is convincing as a Prime Minister whose deteriorating health causes power politics within his party. But the standout performance here is from Vanessa Kirby, who plays Princess Margaret, the Queen’s reckless younger sister who’s determined to get what she wants, envious of Elizabeth’s time in the spotlight. 

The Crown is an outstanding achievement on every scale. The costumes are intricately designed, the sets are impeccably accurate and grandeur while the cinematography is effectively intimate, taking the audience right into the heart of the drama surrounding the longest reigning monarch in the world. The script however, is second to none. Each episode picks important milestones and events during the young Queen’s reign and every line is delivered with conviction and intent. The Crown, Netflix’s bigger ever series is quite simply a brilliant show. 

Here are the best lines in the show.

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