The Croydon Cat Killer has ‘gone nationwide’ - with up to 40 mutilated victims

Picture: snarl
Picture: snarl

A serial cat killer believed to be behind the deaths and mutilations of 30 pets in Croydon may
be travelling further afield to find victims.

The so-called Croydon Cat Killer is believed to be behind a spate of beheadings in Croydon –
but now police believe he or she may have ‘gone nationwide’, with bodies found as far afield as Manchester.

The animals are often found mutilated – and investigators believe they are left in public places on purpose, according to the BBC.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Collin, from the Metropolitan Police in Croydon, says that the RSPCA has now conducted 40 post-mortems and believe that the killings may be being carried out by the same person.

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Other mutilated cat corpses have been found in Maidstone in Kent, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

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Collin says, ‘I’m treating them as linked. There is still the possibility that they aren’t the same hand of the same suspect, although I must say that at this stage it’s looking like they are.’

RSPCA investigator Mike Butcher says, ‘I’ve not had one like this before in all the time I’ve been in the RSPCA. Its magnitude is unprecedented. He needs to be caught – he will be caught.’

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