Iron Fist debuts first Official Trailer


An incredible trailer gives us our first glimpse at ‘Iron Fist’.

It’s here - the upcoming ‘Iron Fist’ Netflix series has debuted its first official trailer. And it looks as though the show is off to a good start, with some explosive fight scenes and even a brief glimpse at the hero himself.

Not to mention his mystical, glowing fist.

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The new trailer, which stars Finn Jones as the titular Marvel superhero, debuted at New York Comic Con, teasing the impending arrival of the final Defender.

But what’s it all about?


Iron Fist debuted in 1974 wielding the power of the iron fist - allowing him to summon and focus his chi in order to enhance his already impressive martial arts skills to superhuman levels.

And it looks as though he’s getting the same cool power in the TV show.

So how does Iron Fist fit into the Netflix shows so far? Although there’s no official word on the character’s involvement in the other shows, it looks as though the mysterious voiceover (who is yet to be identified) might just give us a clue.


“You are a living weapon,” warns the ominous voiceover… and that sounds awfully familiar. Season 2 of the hit Marvel TV show ‘Daredevil’ introduced Electra - another character who is described as a ‘living weapon’.

Does this mean that Iron Fist was possibly also created by The Hand?

Or is he the other side of the coin, given his powers to combat The Hand’s greatest threat?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Iron Fist’ heads to Netflix on 17 March 2017.

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Picture Credit: Marvel, Netflix.