The Doctor’s time is up in Doctor Who Series 10 trailer

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
The Doctor regenerates - Credit: BBC

It looks as though The Doctor’s time is running out.

A brand-new Doctor Who trailer appeared online today, teasing Series 10 – Peter Capaldi’s last full season as The Doctor. But while we knew the Twelfth Doctor was on his way out, none of us expected it to be quite so soon.

That’s right – The Doctor is regenerating…

But is he really on his way out?

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The impressive new trailer gives us a quick glimpse of the upcoming Series 10… and it’s packed full of exciting moments. There are enemies old and new, strange new creatures to encounter and weird worlds to explore.

But there’s not really anything new.

There’s a couple of shots of Nardole and Bill helping The Doctor, along with some more of those classic ‘60s Cybermen. We do get a glimpse of a creepy new beetle-like insect climbing through some kind of wall and a weirdly-mesmering glimpse of Missy dabbing.

Yes, really.

But that’s about it.

That is, until the very end of the trailer…

It’s just a very short tease of what’s to come, but it looks as though The Doctor is regenerating already. Of course, we know that Peter Capaldi is retiring from Doctor Who, but he’s not supposed t regenerate until the Christmas Special.

The Doctor is in… but for how long? Credit: BBC

Does this mean he’ll be bowing out early? Some fans are already suggesting it could be a ‘false’ regeneration, like the 2008 episode Stolen Earth, which saw David Tennant’s Doctor begin to regenerate, only to find a way to stick around.

But I just don’t buy it.

Would they really do a false regeneration just for the Twelfth Doctor to be forced to regenerate in a few episodes time? I can’t help thinking it’s more likely that Series 10 will be left on a cliff hanger, with The Doctor regenerating at the very end of the series.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on 15 April 2017.

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What do you think of the new Doctor Who trailer? Will The Doctor regenerate in Series 10? Leave your comments below… and follow Ryan Leston on TwitterFacebook and at Total Geeks for more on the latest TV shows.

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