'The filthiest takeaway ever seen': Inside the mouse-infested fried chicken shop so dirty inspectors closed it on the spot

Vile: Discarded chips are strewn all over the unhygienic takeaway. (Waltham Forest Council) (Waltham Forest Council)

These stomach-turning pictures show the disgusting conditions inside a fried chicken shop branded 'the filthiest ever seen' as it closed down.

Inspectors visited the 'QFC' takeaway in East London and found left over chips strewn on the floor, hundreds of mouse droppings in cupboards and grease everywhere.

The vile hygiene standards in the shop saw it closed down by Waltham Forest health inspectors, who released images of its interior as a warning to other takeaways.

After spotting a mouse infestation, the council said QFC was 'one of the filthiest inspectors had ever seen'.
Councillor Clyde Loakes said: 'It begs the question, what does the Q in QFC stand for?

‘Queasy? Questionable? Certainly not Quality, that’s for sure! In all seriousness, the photos I have seen connected with this inspection tell a pretty disgusting tale.

‘It is truly shocking to find businesses like this that have an utter disregard for the health and well being of their customers.'

The takeaway was closed down on November 18 immediately after inspectors arrived to check food hygiene practices.

A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was then secured from Stratford Magistrates' Court within two days.

QFC can only re-open if inspectors deem it no longer a risk to customers.