The furry Fuhrer! Meet the adorable puppy who looks like HITLER

Seven week-old puppy 'Patch', a cross between a French bulldog and a shih tzu, never gets called by his real name

With his distinctive black patch of fur and adorable eyes, Patch is just like most other cute puppies.

But the unmissable pup never gets called by his real name - thanks to his unique fur which makes him look like Adolf Hitler.

The seven week-old puppy, a cross between a French bulldog and a shih tzu, lives in Walmgate, York, with his two canine brothers.

Owner Lynda Whitehead said she didn't notice the uncanny likeness until her grandson put a photo of the dog on Facebook.

She told the Northern Echo: 'He’s my grandson’s dog, and none of us noticed the likeness at first.
'When my eldest daughter saw it she said "You’ve got a little Hitler there".

'He is a lovely little thing. All of them are, but he is the gentlest of them all. He will sit on your lap and just look at you, until he falls asleep.

Owner Lynda said she didn't notice Patch's appearance until a photo of him was uploaded to Facebook. (SWNS)
The adorable puppy is seven weeks old. (SWNS)
JC Penney got in trouble for producing this kettle which apparently resembled Hitler.
'One of his brothers should be Hitler, he has the attitude. He’s the runt of the litter so he’s had to fight a bit more.

'Although he’s called Patch, everybody calls him Adolf now. My grandsons are the worst for doing the goosestep when the puppy’s around.'

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The three puppies are being raised at Lynda's home until they are 12-weeks-old, as they were rejected by their mother Betty.

The adorable puppy is not the first member of the animal world to be likened to the Nazi leader.
Many cats famously look like Hitler, as well as this house from 2011.
Cat owners whose moggies look like the Fuhrer submit photos of their 'Kitlers' to the 'Cats That Look Like Hitler' website.

Even inanimate objects aren't safe from the comparison. In 2011, an end-of-terrace house in Swansea became an internet sensation due to its apparent resemblance to Hitler.

And in May this year, American retailer JC Penney was criticised online for selling a kettle which also apparently looked like the Nazi dictator.
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