'The Games' viewers praise Colson Smith for smashing personal best just weeks after learning to swim

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Colson Smith in a running pose
Colson Smith only learned how to swim while training for The Games. (Initial Productions)

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has won the admiration of The Games viewers by smashing his personal best in the pool just weeks after learning to swim.

The Craig Tinker actor might have come last in the men's swimming race in last night's episode of the ITV show, but he looked happier than any other contestant after beating his previous record, especially when he couldn't swim five weeks earlier and had learned to be able to take part in the series.

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Smith, 23, explained the heartbreaking reason he had never learned to swim: "In school I hated swimming because I was the fat kid, so I used to basically refuse to swim.

"When I found out about this, I didn't want to do it, and then I said it's about time I stopped saying no because of the way that I look and the way that I feel."

He said that the event would be "me versus me" and that he was hoping to show "Colson has no limits" - so even though he placed last, he was delighted with his new record of 47 seconds.

Smith said: "I'm buzzing, I think I'm probably the happiest person ever to come last in an event because for me that's massive...I'm at 47 which is 10 seconds quicker than I did in the last training so I'm buzzing."

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His co-stars in the show that sees celebrities compete in Olympic disciplines looked just as happy for him and viewers were quick to praise his amazing feat.

One viewer tweeted: "Colson getting 47.7 in the swimming race when he couldn’t even swim 5 weeks ago shows with enough work and so much heart u can achieve anything."

Colson Smith in The Games sports kit
Colson Smith has been on a fitness journey. (Initial Productions)

Someone else added: "How amazing was Colson Smith, 5 weeks after learning to swim and he managed it."

Another person wrote: "Colson Smith may have come last, but the fact that he even managed to do that despite previously not being able to swim makes him a winner."

Someone else agreed: "Absolutely love Colson doing this for HIMSELF."

Smith has had an image transformation in recent years after taking up running and getting fit during lockdown.

The Games continues every night until the final on Friday, airing at 9pm each evening on ITV.

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