'The Games': Tensions rise between Phoenix Gulzar-Brown and Chelcee Grimes over 'elbow' row

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Watch: Tensions rise between Phoenix Gulzar-Brown and Chelcee Grimes in The Games

Rivalries and tensions have begun to spill over in The Games as Phoenix Gulzar-Brown and Chelcee Grimes exchanged heated words about alleged pushing during a race.

In Wednesday's episode, viewers of the ITV contest saw Mel B's daughter air her frustrations about a tight finish during the 50m breaststroke race, saying she didn't agree that the results needed to be checked.

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The judgment could have potentially awarded her bronze position in the race to footballer and singer Grimes instead.

Speaking backstage, Gulzar-Brown told cameras: "So they’re saying they want to re-check it cos they are saying Chelcee came third and I didn’t. That’s bull c**p! I busted my a** on that."

Phoenix Gulzar-Brown in a running pose
Phoenix Gulzar-Brown came third in the 50m breaststroke at The Games. (Initial Productions)

Eventually, though, a check showed that Gulzar-Brown had come third and Grimes stayed in fourth place.

But the rivalry didn't end there, as there was also a backstage disagreement over what had happened in the 100m hurdles earlier in the week, where Grimes just made it to a win by a small margin.

Gulzar-Brown, gesturing to Grimes, said: "She pushed me yesterday."

Grimes replied: "I love the girl, but I’m not getting robbed like that."

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But Gulzar-Brown told her: "I played fair, you didn’t play fair yesterday, man."

Chelcee Grimes in a running pose
Chelcee Grimes won the 100m hurdles. (Initial productions)

As Grimes said: "Oh, you’re bringing that in," Gulzar-Brown continued: "That’s fair play. If you’re going to re-check this [the breaststroke], then re-check yesterday."

When Grimes asked what she meant, Gulzar-Brown replied: "What do you mean? You gave me a shove."

However, it all seemed to be forgotten later in the evening when Alex Scott asked them about whether the tension would continue into the 400m sprint.

Grimes joked: "I feel relatively calm tonight, which is odd for me, as I feed off the crowd and the nerves but right now I'm feeling calm. I'm just going to run my own race and try not to elbow her out the way!"

Laughing, Gulzar-Brown added: "I don't know, I do my best, I know how she is in this race... she's a winner in this race and so is Lucrezia and everyone. Long distance isn't my thing but I will give it, babes, just for you!"

The Games continues daily until Friday's final, airing at 9pm on ITV.

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