Cheap croissants and 'Wayne' Bridge: The groundbreaking manifesto of London mayor candidate Count Binface

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Count Binface is polling around the same level as Laurence Fox and UKIP. (PA)

The return of ceefax and banning speaker phones on public transport are among Count Binface's groundbreaking manfiesto pledges that could shake up the London mayoral race.

The self-proclaimed interplanetary space warrior committed to making British politics more interesting revealed his revolutionary manifesto on Wednesday.

His manifesto could create headaches for Sadiq Khan as Binface seeks to take out the current mayor's left flank with progressive policies like a cap on the price of croissants.

The leader of the mysterious Recyclons, who challenged Boris Johnson in the 2019 general election, said the mayoral race needed “shaking up” and has vowed to “take out the trash”.

Binface stood against Boris Johnson in the 2019 election. (Twitter)

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When he stood against Johnson in 2019 he said he "wouldn't mind" getting zero votes because it would be a record.

The mysterious space warrior has been promoting a fundraiser online to try and cover the costs of his campaign.

He may also be hoping to cover some of the upfront costs of entering the election in the unlikely scenario he does not get the 5% of the vote required to get his deposit back.

What is Count Binface's manfiesto?

The Count revealed his 21 point manifesto on Thursday in a bid to increase his polling numbers which recently put him betweeen 0-1% - roughly the same as Laurence Fox and UKIP.

His policies include renaming London Bridge to Pheobe Waller, a nod to Fleabag writer and actress Pheobe Waller-Bridge - as well as renaming Hammersmith Bridge after Wayne Rooney.

Binface also wants to give Croydon a facelift "ironically."

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He plans on tackling hunger in the capital by banning shops from selling croissants for more than £1.

He also wants to finish Crossrail, although unlike his other policies it's unclear if this pledge is a joke or not.

Among his other policies is a plan to place Sir David Attenborough on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, in person or as a statue.

Binface also pledges to put Jeremy Corbyn's anti-lockdown brother, Piers, in the Phantom Zone.

In a nod to the the pressure NHS workers have been under in the past year he also wishes to tie all politicans pay to nurses for 100 years.

Binface is in with a fighting chance. (Twitter)

In order to tackle homelessness Binface wants to force the Royal Family to pick one London palace to live in, donating the rest to people who need a home.

If the Royal Family complain they will be forced to buy Crystal Palace FC.

He also wants to reginte the Brexit debate by making London a member of the EU.

Some of his more populist policies include bringing Ceefax back to all homes in the M25, banning speaker phones on public transport and encouraging mask wearing after the pandemic is over.

Count Binface's political past

Binface has had a storied political career which has resulted in far more chuckles than votes.

In his campaign video for the London Mayoral race he promised to "take out the trash."

Binface was once known as Lord Buckethead. (Twitter)

On London he said it is "the greatest city on the planet, I call it the Earth capital. As such, it needs people from outside Earth to pay its dues."

He is aware his platform is not one suited for winning elections, but Binface believes it is the voting system that is at fault, not himself.

Binface has said in the past the electoral system “is heavily weighted in favour of human beings” rather than intergalactic entities.

He claims to be the leader of the Recyclons, although there is little detail about what these beings may be.

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During the 2019 General Election Binface faced off against his rival Lord Buckethead in the prime minister's constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

But, Comedian Jon Harvey who plays Binface was once, in fact, Lord Buckethead.

Harvey faced off against Theresa May in the 2017 General Election as Lord Buckethead.

He said the reason he switched to Count Binface was because of "an unpleasant battle on the planet Copyright."

Lord Buckethead is a character from Gremloids, a 1984 film, and Harvey reportedly gave up the role after discussions with the film’s creator.

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