Gandalf, Han Solo And Clint Eastwood All In One Game?!

New blockbuster game, Destiny, features characters loosely based on some of our favourite iconic characters all in one world - and it's awesome!

For more than a year, a terrible battle has raged in secret across the whole solar system, with science-fiction icons fighting alongside one another in team-ups Hollywood couldn’t imagine. Gandalf throwing bombs of pure energy alongside Clint Eastwood’s gunslinger of the wasteland from 'Man With No Name'. Yup, that happened.

We are talking about the new blockbuster game, Destiny. The video game is widely considered as the follow-up to the £3 billion entertainment juggernaut Halo which is one of the biggest franchises in any form of entertainment. Creator Bungie has let players, employees and experts tinker with their Guardians (characters) to create a game where heroes come to life.

David Dague, Community Manager at Bungie, says, “Every player of Destiny gets to create their own main character. We’re inviting the players of this game to project their own personality and create a hero that is ideally suited to their personality. Over time they’ll finely tune their Guardian so that it’s a reflection of their fighting style.”

So, with that in mind, we are FINALLY seeing 'Guardians' based on the most iconic movie characters all in one place. For example:

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood in A Fistful Of Dollars
Clint Eastwood in A Fistful Of Dollars

In film: Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars, Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
In Destiny: The Hunter - Defender
Powers: Shape Void Light into an indestructible shield to protect you and your allies from harm.
Dague says, “The Hunter is that lone gunslinger of the wasteland.”
Player Olli Hull says, "love the hunter with a Sniper & Auto Rifle. The amount of equipment, armour, guns you can find around the world of Destiny is insane. So many options on how you want to create a character you can call you own.  The Moon mission was incredible. It literally felt I was walking on the Moon. But you also see this massive door open with this mysterious figure just behind you.Take your time to settle in. And make sure to you good off the beaten path. Surprises await.”



In film:Scaramanga, The Jackal, Get Carter.
In Destiny: Hunter - Gunslinger
Bungie says: “Cunning and ruthless, they prize the undiscovered and prepare for the unexpected, channeling their powers by intuition and gut instinct.”
Weapons: Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light
Player Mack Ashworth says: “I like to be sneaky, so the Hunter's ability to flank enemies quickly comes in very useful. Couple this with the devastating Golden Gun, which can potentially take out three enemies in quick succession, and the Hunter becomes a very deadly assassin indeed. Playing with friends is fun, but having a stranger join you as you fight for your life against overwhelming odds, is always a pleasant surprise and offers its own unique satisfaction. Oh, and grab a Hand Cannon as soon as possible for explosive shots to the dome.”


In film: Gandalf, Harry Potter, Jedi Knights.
In Destiny: Mystic warriors with incredible powers.
Weapons: Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast.
Dague says: The Warlock is the most literal embodiment of the themes of mythic science-fiction you’ll find in Destiny. They wield bombs of pure energy as weapons and they’re cloaked in the robes of a wizard.
Vikki Blake says, “I experimented with all the character classes - but this feels less like it's a game Everyone can be a hero in Destiny! You can dance anywhere in the open world segments of the game, but each visit to the Tower saw, quite literally, dozens of strangers dancing together, while others sat on the floor and watched. Bizarrely pointless but incredibly funny. I do select a female avatar, though, just to demonstrate to others - that women game too."

Han Solo

Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Copyright: LucasFilm)
Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Copyright: LucasFilm)

In film:

Han Solo in Star Wars, Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribbean
In Destiny: Hunter - Gunslinger.
Dague says: “The Hunter is the frontier survivalist.”
Weapons: Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light.
Player Mike Craddock says: “I enjoy high risk high reward style of play, having a single fire high damage weapon can be really satisfying when I'm on top of my game. Without giving spoilers, encountering different enemies fighting against each other is really interesting for me. In one session, I turned up at a location and found myself between two enemy groups that seem to dislike each other as much as they disliked me. The world seems to be living with or without me there which makes it really engaging. Destiny is a game that rewards players for experimenting and creating your own play style. Find what you enjoy and what works for you.Learn your limits on when you can engage in a gun fight. It's part of the experience.”


The space Marine

In film:Star Wars, Alien, Starship Troopers
In Destiny: The Titan - Striker
Dague says: The Titan is like a knight in shining armor, all brute strength, heavy shielding, likes to solve problems with its fists.
Weapons: Smash the ground and dissolve enemies in a maelstrom of Arc Light.
Player Mack Ashworth says, “ I love killing a lot of people - I don't like a slow-paced gametype. It allows me to move around the map fast and rack up a lot of kills, with the sniper as well on the "Moon" map it allows me to pick people off driving vehicles to get our team back in map control. Strike is really a game mode of playing with friends, using team work and having a general laughd. It took us over an hour to kill the spider looking thing which was pretty funny seeing how many times we died attempting it."