The Jump: Spencer Matthews Denies Love Triangle Drama

It wouldn’t be a reality TV show with Spencer Matthews in it if there wasn’t just a HINT of naughtiness and romance, right?

The former Made In Chelsea star is currently taking part in Channel 4’s The Jump – you know, the one where slowly but surely all the celebrities end up breaking all their bones and having to fly home?

Yeah, the cursed one.

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Anyway, he’s appearing on that and ALREADY there’s rumours flying all over the place about a love triangle between him and two of the other competitors.

Some sources have claimed that Spencer has been getting close to not only Taekwondo Olympian Jade Jones, but also Irish model and TV presenter Vogue Williams.

However, speaking to the lads and lasses at Digital Spy, Spencer was quick to deny and hanky-panky whatsoever:

“I’m proud to say that I would be delighted if that was the case but Jade is an amazing girl, and I’m very close to Vogue.

"I can see how that could be misconstrued, unfortunately that isn’t happening.

"I’m a single man, Jade’s a single girl, Vogue’s a single woman… unfortunately it’s not happening. I would love it to happen but it’s not.”

Indeed, Jade herself said that she’d ‘Kick him straight in the face’ if there was any such shenanigans going down.

Well that’s Spenny warned, then.

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Sadly for the other woman in this now-debunked love triangle, Vogue Williams, an injury has made the part-time model pull out of the competition.


A Channel 4 spokesperson said: “Vogue fell during training for ski cross yesterday injuring her knee which sadly means she can no longer continue in the competition.”

A source close to the TV presenter said: “It’s a real shame as I know Vogue was having such a brilliant time. She is obviously gutted to be missing out on the full competition but we all knew the risks involved when she signed up and that these kind of things could happen.”