Quiz! Do you have The Knowledge to be a London cabbie?

Ellen Manning
·1-min read
Quiz! Do you have The Knowledge to be a London cabbie?

It’s the legendary exam which wannabe London cabbies have to pass – but now we want to see if you have “the knowledge”.

Introduced as a requirement for London taxi drivers in 1865, The Knowledge is a notoriously difficult memory test where cabbies have to learn some 320 routes and 25,000 streets by heart.

Right now, of course, London’s cabbies have seen work grind to a half due to the latest coronavirus lockdown, but that doesn’t mean we can’t test you on your potential to get behind the wheel of a Hackney Carriage.

Take our 10-question test on London’s roads to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Get full marks? You might want to consider a cabbie career! Don’t forget to share your results with friends and family to really show off.

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