The Last Leg Goes Down Under

Something has certainly been missing from a Friday night chill without the wit and wisdom of the Last Leg boys, giving their take on events in this weird world we live in. With 8 out 10 Cats Does Countdown finally starting to get a little tired around the edges, Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe were back on our screens providing a welcome dose of hilarity on Channel 4.

They weren’t sitting in a cushy TV studio cracking wise with a special guest however. Instead they were whisked out to the other side of the world, to Hills’ native Australia. In an effort to show up his “soft pommy friends,” Hills gives Brooker and Widdicombe the proper Aussie experience, trawling through the sweltering outback in this amusing Crocodile-Dundee-a-thon.

Obviously there has to be some kind of point to this journey, otherwise we’re just watching three blokes lark about in Australia (cough). So the purpose of the trip is to meet up with Adam Hills’ 97 year old grandfather to wish him happy birthday.

What follows is part Inbetweeners 2, part Jackass as the boys pile into a gaudy, colourful camper van with profanities spray-painted on the side. Starting off in murder capital Darwin, they journeyed Southwards stumbling across a crocodile farm resembling something out of Bond movie. It was amusing watching Alex and Josh whimper in the background, whilst Adam attempted to assert his new found alpha-male status.

Meeting some toothless locals in a bar was a highlight as the boys awkwardly made friends with biker gang “The Heretics”- school bullies clad in leather, heavy drinking, and bearded. “Australia’s answer to Roy Chubby Brown” was wheeled out to provide some laughs, as fellow stand-up Josh watched on looking horrified (it’s a far cry from gags about Pret a Manger).

At times it felt like a bit of a student travelogue, with unnecessary hand held footage of meals being consumed, but this was all good mindless fun to watch on a Friday. The three have great chemistry and you feel at every step of the way that you’d want to be there with them, messing around and camping in the outback. Watch out for the blind pilot though- seriously!