'The Masked Singer' 2022 final: All the best guesses for Mushroom, Robobunny and Panda

The Masked Singer series 3 finalists are Panda, Mushroom and Robobunny. (ITV)
The Masked Singer series 3 finalists are Panda, Mushroom and Robobunny. (ITV)

The grand final of The Masked Singer series three is finally here, meaning we're about to discover the identities of Mushroom, Panda and Robobunny.

ITV's hit surreal singing contest is less about the winner and more about the unmasking as fans excitedly wait to find out whether their guesses were correct.

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Plenty of viewers are sure they've worked out who Mushroom and Robobunny are, but are a little more stumped by Panda - are any of them correct?

Refresh your memory on the clues and guesses for this year's Masked Singer finalists.

The Masked Singer 2022 finalists


Everyone thinks they know who Mushroom is. (ITV)
Everyone thinks they know who Mushroom is. (ITV)

Clues: Mushroom confused viewers by talking through her clues in a Northern English accent, but singing in an Irish accent.

She has made references to celebrity pals and appears in a forest to give her clues.

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In one episode, Mushroom said: "The judges will have to get up much earlier and dig a bit deeper if they want to catch me out."

The letter "W", a milk bottle, an auctioneer's hammer and a bottle of perfume called Interest by KK have all features in her videos.

She also said: "I've always been interested in learning and growing from my roots."

Guesses: Charlotte Church, Aisling Bea, Siobhan McSweeney, Sheridan Smith


Panda is part of the series 3 cast. (ITV)
Panda is a series 3 finalist. (ITV)

Clues: Panda claims to be an introverted extrovert who loves adventure and has made lots of references to a love for nature.

Clues have included: "Being out and about in the world comes second nature to me. From a young age I've always followed my own path."

The mystery celeb also made some panda references, saying: "This wont be the first time I've been connected to these creatures," and "It's not the first time I've been this animated."

Viewers have been thrown by lots of mentions of One Direction.

Guesses: Amanda Holden, Natalie Imbruglia, Alesha Dixon, Billie Piper, Michaela Strachan


Robobunny has a surprising singing voice. (ITV)
Robobunny has a surprising singing voice. (ITV)

Clues: Robobunny talked about having a hard exterior, but surprised with a beautifully soft singing voice and offered an intriguing clue that he was there to "Control-Alt-Delete what you know about me".

He also added: "I might be made of metal but that doesn't stop me making a splash."

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Robobunny has made a lot of references to country music, and the name Joe and word "diva" have been spotted in the clue videos.

Other clues have included: "Hitting the reset button might seem like a scary thing to do but it's one of the best decisions I've ever made," and "Rabbits come from big families, this bunny is no exception."

Guesses: Mark Feehily, Vinnie Jones, Joe Jonas, H from Steps

The Masked Singer final airs tonight (Saturday) at 7pm on ITV.

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