The Most Unusual Baby Names of 2015

Points for creativity! In BabyCenter’s annual baby-naming survey, 43 percent of parents reported liking unusual names – though some went further than others in an effort to make sure their child stood out from the crowd.

Most fans of unusual names are probably thinking of ones that are less common but still familiar, like Maisie, Sierra, Daphne, Fletcher,Warren, and Colby. But a tiny group of parents take the search to the next level, turning to unconventional places for baby-naming inspiration.

This year, those trailblazing parents took their cues from favorite movies (Swayze , Orson, Inigo), fashion (Armani), and yoga (Drishti). Some names looked to literature (Atlas, D'Artagnan ). Others evoked godly figures (Oden, Apollo, Messiah). No pressure, kid!

Here are some of the most surprising, creative, and uncommon names given to babies in 2015.

Note: Our data comes from more than 340,000 parents who shared their baby’s name with us in 2015. Each name below was given to at least three children this year.

Unusual baby girl names

Unusual baby boy names

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