The Musketeers: The one where they broke our hearts. Twice. *Spoilers*

Whoa! What a start! And then it was heart-in-mouth time till that tragic final shot. Shot being the operative word.

Treville - named Regent by the dying King - confirms what we’ve all known through all three series: He’s badass but importantly, damn clever with it. If he could have managed the babysitting himself too, the ending of Episode 9 would have been vastly different.

As it is, we’re all sobbing. Heartbroken. And desperate for revenge. Monday is too far away. (9pm, BBC1).

The opening credits haven’t even rolled when Louis succumbs to his illness, the light hearted banter with Treville and d’Artagnan making way for the Queen’s grief and a four poster bed in the middle of the Louvre.

Treville leaps into action though, entrusting Athos with the safety of the new King, much to the Queen’s distress - she doesn’t know where her boy has been spirited away to, and neither does Aramis, who’s kept out of the loop by the minister.

“Civil war is coming to France and that child is the prize” - Treville

It doesn’t take a genius to work out who the new King Louis is with, so Grimaud, being the resident evil genius, figures it out in about 3 seconds. Who do the Musketeers trust most? Constance and Sylvie obviously. And unfortunately, between them and the Queen, they keep parading Little Louis in public, calling him Sire and merrily, loudly, divulging his location.

It was the only jarring part of the whole episode, how our previously strong, clever and feisty women suddenly seemed incapable of one simple job: to keep a small child out of sight.  

Treville has Gaston and Lorraine exactly where he wants them when in bowls Grimaud with the boy king and an injured d’Artagnan. All that wonderful, beautiful scheming gone to waste in a flick of d’Artagnan’s hair.

Ironically, it’s Grimaud’s attack on Lorraine that creates the diversion for Treville, Porthos and d’Artagnan to escape with the King. And then we have the moment we’ve been dreading all series - it seemed inevitable we’d lose one of our heroes in battle and somehow, fittingly, in this episode where he was so immense, it’s Treville. Captain Treville - he’ll always be the Captain to me, sorry Athos - throws the King into Porthos’s arms and sends them on their way before turning to take on the enemy single handedly. We’re all powerless, along with Aramis and Athos just arriving on scene, as Grimaud takes aim and fires the deadly shot that claims France’s truest, most loyal servant.

The good news is, Lorraine’s army has retreated, Gaston’s an idiot and Porthos knows he can take out Marchaux with a Vulcan Nerve Pinch - he just needs to squeeze a little harder next time. And we have Milady in reserve somewhere - presumably Treville sent word to her before he set off to see Lorraine.

The bad news is, Grimaud is his own boss now and is exceptionally talented at making it up as he goes along. He also owns an invisibility cloak or can apparate: Athos followed him around a corner and … gone.

The finale promises more of the same, with the Musketeers and all they hold dear under attack. The new King is crowned but is this sweet family picture from the beginning or the end?

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