The new Flickr: What you need to know

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The redesign of Flickr marks some of the biggest changes the site has seen since it launched in 2004.

Far more than a new look, the 'new' Flickr offers features that rivals can’t match - including a terabyte of free storage for life.

What’s changed - and what hasn’t? Our guide runs through the best bits of Flickr’s new look.

As much storage as you want

Rival photo-storage apps often offer as little as 5GB to users - Flickr now offers a terabyte, enough for around 250,000 images stored at their original quality.

Unlike its rivals, Flickr never forces you to compress your pictures to store them - its 1TB online storage is built to store pictures in high quality, exactly as they were taken.

Great new Android app

Flickr’s app for iOS devices has drawn rave reviews - now Flickr is available for Android, in an app that offers powerful tools, ease of use, and a visual style that shows off why Flickr is THE choice for serious photographers.

The Flickr app lets you find photos you like instantly - you can even look for photos 'nearby' using the phone’s geolocation function to find images shot near you.

A new look

Flickr's new redesign turns the site into a collage of photos - making it easier to navigate through groups, profiles and albums, and making it easier to find photos you love.

Videos look great too

Flickr has always been best-known as a photo site, but video fans will also love the new app - with videos of up to three minutes now stored on the site (previously, the limit was 90 seconds).

Videos now look great, too, with videos up to Full HD now supported on the site.

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What hasn’t changed

 - Flickr already offers a world-beating suite of features that has made it a destination for photography fans. If you haven’t tried it, here are some good reasons to give it a go:

 - Flickr offers a world of over 8 billion interesting and inspiring images from around the world. The White House, President Obama, The Royal Family and NASA all share photos on Flickr.

 - Finding photos is easy - Flickr’s Explore feature watches what you like to find you the site’s 'most interesting' photos from Flickr’s 3.54 million daily uploads.

 - Flickr has over 1.6 million active groups - the heart of the Flickr community. People share and discuss photos from all over the world, and allow people to find people with similar interests.

 - Photos are stored at the same quality as you took them - so your photos look great on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Photos are optimised when you share them outside Flickr.

 - Flickr privacy and sharing settings allow you to manage with whom you share what and when. You can decide to make the geolocation of photos available to only friends, make them public or make them completely private.

 - Flickr also has a cool feature that actually allows you to set up a 'Geofence' - predetermining a location (e.g. your house or child’s school) where location data will never be shown.