The new KitKat will be made from a 'healthier' recipe and people aren't happy

Nick Reilly
KitKats will now contain 10 percent less fat (Picture: REX Features)

It’s the hugely popular chocolate bar that has become synonymous with taking a break – so it’s no surprise that KitKat fans are up in arms about the prospect of a new, healthier recipe.

From next week, Nestle will roll out a new version of KitKat that contains 10 percent less sugar – but insist that the taste will remain exactly the same.

However, their reassurances have done little to quell the fears of loyal KitKat fans.

Posting on Twitter, one user wrote: ‘Nestle has changed the recipe for KitKat. Not a fan. That’s the end of a very long relationship.’

Another, who claimed to have tasted the new treat, raged: ‘Just eat some new recipe #KitKat… and it tastes horrible. Bye bye original taste. So sad. @KITKAT you just ruined childhood memories.’

The new-look KitKat will be rolled out next week (Picture: Nestle)

Nestle has previously confirmed that the new bar will contain four less calories, in a bid to slash more than 1,000 tonnes of sugar and three billion calories from the UK’s diet.

The new bars, which are expected to fully replace the old recipe by the end of April, will be concealed in an updated wrapper that reads: ‘Extra Milk & Cocoa’.

In a statement, Nestle UK and Ireland chief executive Fiona Kendrick claimed that she was optimistic about the new recipe.

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She said: ‘When we announced that we were removing some of the sugar from our confectionery, the first questions that consumers asked us were ‘Are you going to make things smaller?’ and ‘Will it taste the same?’

‘I’m pleased to say that these products are the same size as the ones they are replacing and taste just as good.

‘Milk and cocoa has formed the basis of the KitKat recipe ever since it was introduced in 1936 so, while people might have been expecting us to add something else, this is a great example of us using our strength in research and innovation to develop a great recipe that replaces sugar with a bit more of the existing, natural ingredients that people know and love.’