A llama, an elephant, salt and jigsaw puzzles: The Queen's Jubilee gifts revealed

Rebecca Lewis

What do you get for the lady who has everything? A baby llama and an Asian elephant, it seems.

These were two of the thoughtful - and more unusual - gifts sent by well-wishers to the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee celebrations last year.

According to a list released by Buckingham Palace, an unknown admirer gave the Queen honorary ownership of a baby llama and a baby Asian elephant.

Other quirky presents included a Jubilee-themed doggie bed in the shape of a crown for one of her corgis, salt from the British Virgin Islands, 19 tea towels and nine jigsaw puzzles

Some of her royal subjects stuck to classic gift options, ranging from diamond jewellery and whisky to 436 books and 81 pieces of embroidery.

She was also given 78 portraits of herself to add to a personal collection that already features works by Andy Warhol, Cecil Beaton and Lucien Freud.

And in an Olympic year she was presented with a boxed set of gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals and her own laminated Olympic park security pass.

The Duke of Edinburgh was also bequeathed with a number of items from royal fans - including a gold sword from the Emir of Kuwait.

Other highlights from the Queen's gift list:

A model of the State Coach made from an ostrich egg

A Brazilian football shirt

235 CDs and DVDs

A wooden carved spear-shaped item from Noongar Advisory Group

60 rose bushes from the Isle of Man

Three thrones - two made of willow and one of Chinese enamel

A 1950s Tiffany compact from US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle

A Lego sculpture of the Tower Bridge