The real-life angry bird: Vets seek owner of foul-mouthed parrot who told rescuers to 'bugger off'

Not a 'people parrot': The rescued bird wasn't happy about being found. (SWNS)

Vets want to track down the owner of this foul-mouthed parrot - who told rescuers to 'bugger off' when they found it in the middle of the road.

The grumpy African Grey was spotted in the street near Guiseley, West Yorkshire, by a kind-hearted member of the public who tried to pick it up.

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But the irate parrot repeatedly swore at him - using foul language and lashing out with its claws.

The angry avian told its rescuer to 'bugger off' several times, but he managed to put him in his car and drive to White Cross Vets in Guiseley.

The pet, whose gender and name are not known, immediately began attacking staff and squawking 'oi' at them when they tried to check him over.

Fortunately the bird later calmed down and vets were able to send an ID number which was attached by a ring on its leg to a specialist team to try and track down the owner.

Vet Hayley Thompson said: 'The parrot was really grumpy when we first went out to him, and started attacking us with his sharp claws.

'The rescuer said the parrot told him to 'bugger off' and wouldn't stop trying to bite him.

'It is funny that the man was told off by the parrot but in reality the bird would have been petrified and very nervous.

'He found it in the middle of the road and it looked like it was eating, and looked happy for the man to get out and approach it to pick it up but the bird bit him quite ferociously.

Hayley has sent specialists a code which may be able to reunite the foul-mouthed feathered friend with its rightful owner.

She said: 'Parrots can have very powerful beaks but once it calmed down we were able to get the details from the leg ring.

'Thankfully the bird is doing well and doesn't seem to be carrying any sort of injury. It's trying to fly around and is feeding fine.

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'They are becoming an increasingly popular pet so perhaps the most plausible explanation is that it's escaped from a house for a fly.

'We think it may have escaped locally but aren't ruling out any options. We just want to reunite the parrot with its owner.'