'The Simpsons' finally gave gay character Smithers his own love story and viewers react

Love was in the animated air Sunday on The Simpsons, when character Waylon Smithers Jr. was finally given his own love story on the show. During the episode, Smithers, who came out as gay in a 2016 episode, was set up by Homer Simpson of all people and began dating a famous fashion designer named Michael de Graaf, who was voiced by Victor Garber of Alias fame.

Much like Smithers’s coming-out episode, this one was written by longtime series scribe Rob LaZebnik, along with his son, Johnny LaZebnik. They both live-tweeted throughout the show’s East Coast and West Coast airings, giving thanks to the animators and lending their thoughts as things played out.

Viewers at home praised the episode on Twitter as well, calling it “Emmy-worthy” and saying that it is one of the best episodes of the season for the long-running show.

Hopefully, this opens the door for Smithers to get more shots at love, because this time around there was a bit of a deal-breaker for Smithers when it came to de Graaf: he was unkind to dogs.

The Simpsons airs weeknights at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Watch Paul Rudd describe just how gross his apartment in Los Angeles was:

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