The Voice: 6 through in blind auditions 2

We haven’t lost the good natured banter between the coaches, which is nice, even with the change of personnel.

Sometimes, though, it’d be good to hear more contestants and less chat.

Unless of course, Tom wants to sing, and then it’s fine. A couple of bars of Great Balls of Fire turned into a full blown production number, as he showed everyone exactly how it should be done.

I couldn’t help but wonder though – because he has such a classic voice – how he’d fare on the other side of the chairs. Would the coaches know what to do with him?

It’s the conundrum that affects the coaches every time they get an opera singer, regardless of the fact that opera singers do very well with the public e.g.Paul Potts, Alfie Boe, and I’m sure they’d be happy to help choose their own songs.

Thus classical singer Chelsey, while causing the other three to all look at Will inquiringly, didn’t get through. Jennifer’s face said it all, prompting me to yell at the telly: “Well, there was nothing to stop you from turning!” Will has taken on opera singers before, but I suspect he felt the same as me – Chelsey wasn’t as pure as some we’ve heard and failed to move us like opera singers normally do.

Carter The Voice ITV
Carter made it through on The Voice

Two similar voices, two different outcomes: Carter – who came out with a classic inspirational quote “Do it and fail rather than not do it and wonder” – got through, taken by Gavin, although all except Will turned. I think they got carried away by the emotional song, as I definitely heard some bum notes. I actually thought Ben was more tuneful and subtle, earning a standing ovation from both audiences and coaches. Maybe if he’d been on first, it might be him with Gavin.

Also missing out – although her voice was gorgeous – was Shannon. As Will said, they’re looking for fire and Shannon was very pure, clean and precise and just not exciting enough. Last act Michelle could have suffered the same fate. A beautiful voice with proper old soul and had she stayed on the one level Will wouldn’t have turned. As it is, she upped a gear and showed off what she could do, giving it plenty of oomph so that the audience were all over her, tipping Will into pressing his button in the last seconds.

The original sounding Charlie, singing in his English voice (as opposed to the American people adopt) is a nice guy, already working his way in the music business and producing for others. Encouraged to give himself another shot and showing a lot of composure, he’s taken by Tom.

Jazz singing music teacher Georgie resisted copying Sarah Vaughan, showing instead her own – like Charlie – English voice, demonstrating an amazing lower register. Cutting it fine, JHud got her.

Georgie The Voice ITV
Jazz singer Georgie joins Team JHud on The Voice

Jamie was a strange one – Gavin turned almost immediately, followed by Jennifer (who proceeded to claim him) and in the almighty racket that followed I could barely hear him. His vocal surfaced loud and clear at times but I guess I won’t hear the full beauty of it until the next rounds. In an emotional interview, the parents were brought on to make us even more blubbery.

The ones who gave me goosebumps were Zoe and Ebony aka Capital B, who sang the gospel song His Eye on the Sparrow. Individually very good – not perfect – but so harmonious and emotional together. Again, it was a last minute turn by Tom that put them through.

Capital B The Voice ITV
Duo Capital B are taken through by Tom on The Voice

The teams as they stand:

Team Will: Jason; Michelle

Team JHud: Mo; Diamond; Georgie; Jamie;

Team Tom: Into the Ark; Capital B; Charlie;

Team Gavin: Max; Truly; Carter;

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