The Voice: Quarter Finals Round Up

We’re at the business end of the show, with just one last chance for the coaches to save their favourite – next week, we’ll decide the finalists.

Team Will:

Tanya sings Good Luck and does her usual professional job. She’s already an accomplished artist and knows what she’s doing – I think this may be why she failed to engage the public – she’ll keep doing what she does because it’s part of her.

On the other side of Tanya’s experience, Jason’s living in a whole new world. Great song choice – Feel it Coming – current and let him show off his voice. A more intimate performance, with the stage set in a way to draw us in.

Jason is living the dream in a whole new world

Michelle sent a tingle down my spine at one point in her version of I’m Every Woman. Understatement of the year from Tom: “That’s a voice right there”.

Will’s pick: Jason. With all three vocally capable but with both women having tasted the industry already, maybe he wanted to secure Jason his chance. The public vote Michelle through.

Team Tom:

Craig is a nice guy, watchable and more importantly, has a cracking voice bristling with emotion. It takes on a life of its own; he leaves nothing in the dressing room as he dedicates All These Things That I’ve Done to his wife (The Killers being her favourite band).

Craig has been Mr Consistent all through the series

Nadine sings A Different Corner which shows off her tone but it wasn’t going to set the audience alight. Even the coaches struggled to say much about it.

Into The Ark have star quality stamped on them, with a great dynamic physically and vocally. I didn’t think this was as strong as last week, singing Jealous by Nick Jonas – I think having their own guitar gives them a little more bite.

Tom’s Pick: Into The Ark – maybe he thought they’d be a little more at risk than Craig, who was again sent through by the public.

Team Gavin:

The most energetic and original of everyone on the show, Max sings Lonely Boy with no apparent worry about how he comes across or what he can do – he just gets out there and does it, and it’s bringing him a huge following.

Max with Emma – you try getting him to stand still for a photo #impossible

Truly sings Lights but unfortunately, I think the very first edit from the blinds put paid to public support. She came across as pretentious and it was hard to warm to her. She’s probably lovely in real life so it’s a shame, as I’ve gotten to quite like her voice – although in this instance, I could barely understand a word she was singing.

Sarah took on Royals and sadly, I’m immediately taken back to the awesome Sophie from Will’s team a couple of series ago, who did this brilliantly. It’s an unfair comparison. Apart from forgetting the words and needing to mature, Sarah needs to figure out who she wants to be on stage and the type of music she wants to perform so she can come out and be confident. This series was a touch too soon for her I think, so I hope she works at it and tries again, because the voice is there.

Gavin’s pick: Truly, obviously. He’s seeing in her what we’re blind to because of a bad first impression, and needs to give her one more shot at winning us over. Max was always getting the public vote.

Team JHud:

Jamie out first with Love on the Brain, and here you see the difference just three years can make – the confidence and maturity to cope with the show that Sarah was lacking, it’s here in abundance.

Jack with a bit of a so-so song This Love, and another ordinary vocal that didn’t excite anyone – just not special enough.

Mo moved from Beyonce to Bob Dylan with ease

They were blown away by Mo, again. From Beyonce to Bob Dylan (Knocking on Heaven’s Door was this week’s song) he seems worried, and then he opens his mouth and produces a raw, visceral sound full of emotion, and confesses he was more terrified of the stupid tall stairs they perched him on than singing.

Jennifer’s pick: She had to roll with Mo. But Jamie made it safely through too.

The Semi-Finalists:

Team Tom: Into The Ark and Craig

Team Gavin: Truly and Max

Team Will: Jason and Michelle

Team Jennifer: Mo and Jamie