The Voice: Semi Final Round Up

Eight into four doesn’t go. And there’s no coach lifeline so it’s quite possible one or more of the coaches could end up without a singer in the final.

Team Will:

Jason sings Use Somebody  and it’s a good performance but not outstanding. Maybe something more soulful would’ve helped, like last week. This just wasn’t unique enough.

Get Here was a majestic song choice for Michelle, we got proper old skool. Even David Tench on the piano was lost in the moment rather than just accompanying.

Michelle belts out Get Here

Team Gavin:

It was Gavin who lost out, which was a shame because he at least went for different. The final was just a step too far for Max with Boys Don’t Cry, but fingers crossed he does get a band together, as he’s a true original. Truly’s performance (singing Electric Heart) had everything except an artist the audience could identify with.

Team Tom

Into the Ark made coach Tom proud as punch

Into the Ark showed off their harmonizing with Let It Be Me, an understated but captivating performance. Tom looked like a proud dad.

I’m sad Craig didn’t make it, I like him and his voice and he sang Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill with style. But it seems the love affair this show had with his type of vocal is well and truly over.

Team J Hudd

Jamie tore up the stage with some nifty moves and a great vocal

Jennifer certainly brought the A Team with her tonight. When she said Love on Top for Jamie, I thought, I love that song but no, not for him. So Stitches it was and the confidence! The attitude! And that dance break! I know it’s The Voice, but you’ve got to be able to perform and his vocal didn’t suffer at all from the bust out moves.

Mo took on the song of the moment – Human – and nailed it. He is so good, and has such presence. The final will be hard to call.

Mo produced the goods again

So the final is Michelle v Jamie v Mo v Into The Ark. All completely different, all would be worthy winners. Song choice will be mega important so the coaches have a lot of pressure on them. Except Gavin, of course, he can sit back and relax.

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