The Voice Winner Kevin Simm: ‘It’s Just So Surreal - My Kids Are Really Excited!’ - EXCLUSIVE

It’s been just a few days since Kevin Simm was crowned the (last BBC) winner of The Voice UK, and it seems it still hasn’t fully sunk in for the humble singer.

The former Liberty X singer beat Jolan Gidney-Craigen, Lydia Lucy and Cody Frost to win the show, giving Ricky Wilson his second win as a coach (after winning with Stevie McCrorie last year).


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Admitting he’s still ‘going through the motions’, Kevin exclusively told Yahoo Celebrity UK that with everything that’s been happening over the last couple of weeks, it’s ‘almost like it’s too much for your brain to process’.

Revealing that he hasn’t even really found time to properly celebrate yet, Kevin recalled the moment Marvin Humes announced him as the winner, telling us: “I just felt really shocked, Jolan was amazing and Cody and Lydia as well, but it was just so weird. It just seemed like such a long time when Marvin said it.

“I managed to get home for a couple of hours on Sunday might so I watched it with my wife and then it just seemed like, even though it was the night before, it just didn’t seem real. I tried to watch a bit of it last night in my hotel room. It’s just so surreal.”


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Speaking about how his children reacted to his win, he added: “They’re really excited, seeing me on TV and stuff, especially over the last week or two when it’s come to the lives because obviously [they’ve been] making signs saying ‘Come on daddy’ and ‘Daddy’s The Voice’ and all this sort of stuff. They’ve really got involved in it all this week.”

However, while his two sons are ‘brilliant’ singers, Kevin joked that he’s hoping they’ll be ‘footballers’ or something similar.

Asked why he chose The Voice over other shows such as The X Factor, the singer said it’s a ‘real personal choice’, explaining: “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people that have been for both and maybe not got through one in the early stages and gone for another.

“I think for The Voice, from the outside looking in over the last few years, it’s probably the programme that people who really love music for music will go for.


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“You don’t go on The Voice to be famous, because you know there’s no guarantees of it. With something like The X Factor, the live shows go on for so long [that] you really build up a real massive following, whereas The Voice, it’s over in three weeks.”

He added that The Voice was especially good for exposure, as ‘everyone has an allocated slot’, whereas you may only have a ‘two-second clip’ of your audition shown on other shows.

As for what the future holds, when all the craziness dies down of course, Kevin revealed that he has gigs to honour, telling us: “It’s really quite a tough situation because obviously, being a singer and being self-employed, I have to plan ahead.


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“I couldn’t come out of The Voice getting knocked out in the first live show and have nowhere to go to, but obviously now that I’ve won the show, it might be difficult to honour everything that I’ve got in there.

“As far as my weddings, especially the photography and the singing - I know from my own wedding that it’s a stressful time for them and they’ve booked me up, so I think I’ll definitely honour those.”

He did, though, add that he’ll probably have to slow that work down as he dedicates his time to his own music, but insisted: “I would never turn my nose up at weddings, but it’s the fact I wouldn’t want to book a wedding in and then two weeks before, be like ‘I’m really sorry, I can’t do it’.”

Congratulations again, Kevin!