The weapons North Korea claims it has in its military arsenal

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (Rex)
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (Rex)

With the latest claim of a North Korean missile launch, the secretive state’s military arsenal is once again in the news.

Although Pyongyang is banned from conducting missile tests by the UN, it appears to be breaking that rule increasingly often.

The latest test, apparently carried out on Wednesday, is the fifth time time North Korea has conducted a missile test this month alone.

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So what is known about North Korea’s military capability in a time of increased diplomatic tension between the country ruled by Kim Jong-un, its neighbours and a more belligerent US.

What weapons does North Korea possess?

According to one US think tank, Pyongyang has some 1,000 missiles, some capable of being fired long-range, some almost as far as 5,000 miles, which means weapons could reach deep into Europe.

Barbed wire at the heavily fortified North and South Korea border (Rex)
Barbed wire at the heavily fortified North and South Korea border (Rex)

The weapons with the longest range are known as Taepodong 1 and 2.

It has a number of shorter-range missiles, the Hwasong 5 and Hwasong 6, which could be targeted at neighbouring countries.

It is also thought that North Korea has sold missiles to Iran.

What have the recent tests been about?

As well as North Korea flexing its military muscle, the tests appear to show it is developing longer and more flexible modern-day weaponry.

The latest missile launches have used solid fuel rather than liquid fuel, which experts claim helps reduce the time needed to launch the missiles if they came under attack and makes it harder for enemies to find

North Koreans taking part in a government rally (Rex)
North Koreans taking part in a government rally (Rex)

Does North Korea have the nuclear bomb?

That is unclear but the issue is proving increasingly worrying for other countries. What is known is that North Korea has conducted nuclear tests in recent times, the most recent being last year.

However, it is not yet known if it has the capability to make the nuclear weapons small enough to fit onto a missile.

How big is North Korea’s army?

North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world. It is estimated that are more than one million active soldiers and almost another eight million in reserve.

Also, the US state department believes that North Korea has a chemical weapons stockpile.

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