Theatre company brings comedy to Birmingham's vote count

Amidst the huddle of broadcasters and journalists on the press balcony at Birmingham’s vote count, are two men clad in thick sheepskin coats. The pair are better known as 'The Commentators', a staple show from Stan's Cafe’s theatre company.

Since their debut covering the 24 Hour Scalextric, comedy duo Craig Stephens and James Yarker have offered their unique take on a variety of eclectic events, from the Mosley Folk Festival to the World Gurning Championship. What sets them apart is their focus on the small, often overlooked details behind the scenes.

“They turn up in all sorts of strange places to do some strange commentating,” said Dominic Thompson, the show’s producer.

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Tonight, Stephens and Yarker are covering the vote count live from Birmingham ’s ICC centre. Streaming since 9.30pm Thursday on YouTube and Stans Cafe’s website, their commentary balances breaking the results with comedic relief and insights on minute details that other broadcasters might miss.

“Today they’ve been speaking about the thimblettes used to help flick through things, the sizes of coffees people have with them, the sweets on the table, and what happens if the pencils break,” Thompson explained.

The pair will remain live until all the results are announced. In the meantime, Thompson will ensure they stay nourished. “I feed them, water them,” he said. “There's no stopping once we go on.”