Therapy equipped me to take on anything, Harry says

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The Duke of Sussex says therapy has “equipped me to take on anything” in the latest of the series of documentaries about mental health he is making with Oprah Winfrey.

In episode five of The Me You Can’t See for Apple TV, Harry said he would not have been able to stand attacks by the media without treatment.

“Therapy has equipped me to be able to take on anything – that’s why I’m here now, that’s why my wife is here now,” he said.

“Without therapy, without doing the work, we would not be able to withstand this.”

Duke of Sussex
Harry said he knew his mother ‘would have been proud’ of him (Martin Keene/PA)

He added: “I’m now more comfortable in my own skin, I don’t get panic attacks.

“I have learned more about myself in the last four years than I have in the 32 years before that – I have my wife to thank for that.”

Harry continued: “Now, I’m on my way to having healed that part of my life, those younger years, and having a clarity of perspective that I never, ever thought that I would get.

“I am still the person that I was, but I’m just a better version of that. I kind of feel as if this was always meant to be.”

Referring to he and his wife’s bombshell interview with Oprah that aired in March, he said the decision to take part was driven by “being real, being authentic”.

Harry with Archie and Meghan
The Duke of Sussex said therapy has made him ‘comfortable in my own skin’ (Toby Melville/PA)

He accused both the press and “the firm” – a nickname for the royal family – of working together to smear Meghan ahead of the programme’s release.

“The interview was about being real, being authentic and hopefully sharing an experience that we know is incredibly relatable to a lot of people around the world, despite our unique, privileged position,” he said.

“Before the Oprah interview had aired, because of the headlines and the combined efforts of the firm and the media to smear (Meghan) I was woken up in the middle of the night to her crying into her pillow.”

Harry said Meghan had not wanted to wake him because he was “already carrying too much”.

“That’s heartbreaking. I held her, we talked, she cried, she cried and she cried,” he said.

He continued: ”I like to think we were able to speak truth (in the interview) in the most compassionate way possible, therefore leaving an opening for reconciliation and healing.”

Harry accused the media of “desperately trying to control the narrative”, adding: “They know if they lose it, the truth will come out.”

But the duke said: “I have never had any anger through this, I’ve always had compassion.”

Talking about relocating to the states, he said: “Making this move was really scary, at every possible opportunity the forces that were working against us tried to make it impossible.”

He continued: “I have no regrets. It is incredibly sad but now I have no regrets at all because now I’m in a place where I feel I should have been four years ago.”

Harry said he had “no doubt” Princess Diana would have been very proud of him, saying: “I’m living the life that she wanted to live for herself, living the life that she wanted us to be able to live.

“So not only do I know that she’s incredibly proud of me, but that she’s helped me get here.”

He added: “I’ve never felt her presence more than I have done over the last year.”

The duke revealed that some of Archie’s first words had been “grandma Diana” because of a photo he placed of her in his son’s nursery.

“It’s the sweetest thing, but at the same time it makes me really sad, because she should be here.”