There’s a £1 million reward to hack into the iPhone

The bounty has been placed by a security firm (Getty)

There’s a price on that iPhone in your pocket - and it’s far more than you actually used to pay for it.

A cyber security company is offering more than £1 million to anyone who can hack into Apple’s Apple’s iOS 10 remotely.

Zerodium, a company which specialises in cybersecurity and research into cyber vulnerability, is trying to find any original security flaws and problems that Apple are not aware of.

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Zerodium has said it will ‘pay the highest rewards on the market’ to anyone who is successful and remotely accessing the smartphone.

Anyone who is successful would then have the opportunity to remotely take over your phone and install malicious software and apps that bypass Apple’s existing security features

The bounty covers the ipPhone 7 launched earlier this month (Getty)

Apple has even announced a reward for anyone who can do this.

It has offered $200,000 for any successful hack.

Zerodium is an American company based in Washington DC.

The iPhone 7 was launched earlier this month.

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