There's a room with a bunch of dudes watching VR porn at CES

Brian Koerber

In a seedy "meeting room" illuminated by the yellow glow of fluorescent lights at the far end of the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, there's a room with a bunch of dudes watching VR porn.

Even though the meeting room for Naughty America VR is tucked away and hidden from the masses with just a small sign alerting attendees to its presence, guys were lining up to get what is probably their first look at porn in virtual reality, despite the technology having been out for some time now. 

Image: mashable lili sams

At one side of the room there's a backdrop featuring Naughty America VR's logo with the slogan "The Future of Entertainment is Here" below it. There are six cocktail tables set up, each with its own VR headset and a pair of headphones on it as well as a brochure. Next to it are a stack of cloth condoms for the headset and headphones, because gross.

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According to one of the employees helping people put on the headset, approximately 1,000 people visited the room to check out the three minute demo by 4:00 p.m. on Friday. The piece consists of three separate POV heterosexual scenes from a male's perspective. I tried it out, for journalism. 

Image: mashable/brian koerber

The first scene starts at the beach with a woman in a bikini and a man standing topless at the beach, she suggests the two go back to her place, where she performs oral sex on the guy. Then intercourse happens. The next scene is at the gym where a woman wearing yoga pants is doing squats over the guy as he lays on a benchpress. This cinematic moment also leads to sex. The final scene is something straight out of Eyes Wide Shut. It's a masquerade orgy that eventually leads to four or five woman having sex with the guy. 

"Wow, that was awesome," one guy said as he took off his headset and came back to the real world. When I asked him to describe what it was like he told me, "there are no words."

"What a time to be alive," said another. 

Image: mashable brian koerber

The vibe in the room was slightly awkward, but while I was there every person that took off the headset was surprised, happy and impressed with the experience.  I only saw two women while I was there, one of whom told me not to take a photo of the man she was with while he was in the experience.

Although the porn industry was once at the forefront of technological advancements and was once a more prominent part of CES, you'll have a difficult time finding things related to sex on the showroom floor. According to Engadget, Naughty America VR had a tough time getting an official place. The company had to agree to a list of stipulations, and were only given the OK at the last minute. 

This may be the only place outside of adult bookstores where it's acceptable for a bunch of businessmen dressed in suits to watch porn in the same room together and then immediately return to work like nothing had happened. 

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