Theresa May's Brexit cabinet: who was in the study at Chequers?

Tim Stanley
Who's who: see below for full details of the attendees at the PM's crunch gathering - Downing Street

The Prime Minister's Brexit away day looks like a Miss Marple murder mystery and Theresa May is about to tell us who did it. You can spot the guilty parties – the men who campaigned for Brexit – because they’re the ones paying attention.

Michael Gove is making an important point about plastic straws. Liam Fox and Boris Johnson are taking notes (Boris could be doodling, but at least he’s awake).

By contrast, arch-Remainer Amber Rudd hasn’t even got a file in her lap, while Philip Hammond’s file is firmly shut as he basks in the fire’s warmth.

Brexit cabinet

Phil’s probably thinking about the good old days of Chequers, when Anthony Eden settled important affairs of state over a case of Burgundy and a game of musical chairs, which is exactly what this room happens to be laid out for.

“But who would win?” the Chancellor wonders, as his eyelids close and he imagines Gove and Boris fighting over a piano stool. Would you be able to guess who is Prime Minister from this picture?

Prime Minister Theresa May met with Cabinet Minister at Chequers to talk about the EU future partnership Credit: Jay Allen/Downing Street

Theresa May and David Davis both sit at the front of the room, Davis sprawling about as if he owns the place. And opposite both of them, obscured by a mad plant, is the man people say Mrs May wants to succeed her: Gavin Williamson. He’s come a long way from selling fireplaces like that.