The Catch-up: Is Theresa May about to quit?

What happened?

Furious Tories are demanding the resignation of Theresa May after her last-gasp effort to win support for her Brexit deal backfired spectacularly. The PM announced her 'New Brexit Deal' yesterday, which included giving MPs the chance to vote for a second referendum and customs union. Brexiteers were enraged by the concession and Labour MPs - who the offer was meant to appease - have also said they will not support it.

Time to go?

The extraordinary hostility to Mrs May has led to demands for the Tory party to change its rules so MPs can vote to bring her down. As it stands, a leadership challenge cannot be brought until December because the PM survived a no-confidence vote at the end of last year. The 1922 Committee - an influential group of Conservative backbenchers - is known to be considering changing the rules.

Failing that, Mrs May could forced by her Cabinet to jump before she is pushed. Ministers have demanded meetings with the PM this afternoon to express their fury at her second referendum offer. Ministers say Mrs May offered more than they agreed to and are pushing for her to stand aside immediately.

If things weren't bad enough, the Tories are careering towards a decimation in the European Elections tomorrow. The harshest polls predict a vote share of just 7%. A loss that severe will only encourage calls for Mrs May to step down.

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