Theresa May refuses to rule out tax rises as she dodges questions in radio interview

Tax rises on the way? PM Theresa May (Rex)

Theresa May dodged three chances to guarantee voters that the Conservative Party would not raise taxes if re-elected.

The Prime Minister, being grilled during a radio interview with the LBC’s Nick Ferrari, refused to answer if her party would raise taxes – either in the form of income taxes, VAT or national insurance.

All Mrs May, who has a large lead in the opinion polls, would say was that there were “no plans” to raise taxes.

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There has been fevered Westminster speculation that the Tories could abandon a previous policy position not to raise taxes.

Asked if taxes would increase, Mrs May said: “We are a party that believes in actually trying to ensure we have low taxes.

“We have no plans to increase the level of tax but what I’m saying is that’s because we are party that believes in a low tax… as a government, we would go into government with no plans to raise the level of tax.”

Previously during the campaign, the Prime Minister has ruled out increasing VAT before 2022.

The tax debate came in the same interview in which Theresa May revealed her and husband Philip’s sadness at not having children (Rex)

This has led some to conclude she may target higher earners to fill the government’s coffers.

She has also previously stated that she did not want to make specific proposals on taxes “unless I’m absolutely sure that I can deliver on those”.

The Prime Minister was speaking in the same interview where she revealed her sadness at never having children.