Labour extends lead over the Tories in latest poll

Theresa May remains ahead of Jeremy Corbyn in “preferred prime minister” polling despite chaos in the cabinet this week

It’s been a fortnight to forget for the Prime Minister.

Theresa May lost two members of her Cabinet as the swirling sexual harassment scandal engulfs Westminster and she remains unable to exert significant authority over Brexit negotiations.

Now a new poll has seen Labour increase its slender lead over the Tories.

According to a Times/YouGov poll, the gap between the two parties has stretched to a 3 per cent lead for Labour – up one percentage point from October.

And though Mrs May remains ahead of Corbyn when it comes to who the public would rather have leading the country (34% approve of her compared to 31% for the Labour leader), both trail “Don’t Know” as the preferred Prime Minister.

The PM retains her personal approval lead despite the resignations of Sir Michael Fallon and Priti Patel.

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The Prime Minister retains her lead despite a torrid period which has seen key members of her cabinet dogged by scandals, and in two cases resign.

Sir Michael Fallon resigned last Thursday after admitting to touching journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer on the knee, although Andrea Leadsom compiled a dossier detailing several instances of his sexist behaviour.

Priti Patel resigned on Wednesday after holding secret meetings with members of the Israeli government during a supposed ‘family holiday’.

Boris Johnson also landed himself in trouble after comments he made were used by Iran to justify their detaining of a British citizen, while First Secretary of State Damian Green is being investigated for inappropriate behaviour and allegedly having pornography on his office computers.

Mrs May is widely perceived as being unable to remove offenders due to her weak position.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry suggested in the House of Commons on Tuesday that Mr Johnson should resign over his comments, if Mrs May lacked the authority to remove him.

Despite Mrs May’s lead, Labour extended their advantage over the Tories by a single point.

“The logical conclusion here is that some Labour supporters are prepared to overlook their doubts about Corbyn and vote Labour anyway,” said Keiran Pedley, an elections expert at GfK.

The Liberal Democrats fell to just 6%, a drop of 2%.