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These 11 genius products will help you organize your closet like a pro — and they're all on sale

Prepare to be so satisfied with your newly-organized closet. (Walmart)
Prepare to be so satisfied with your newly-organized closet. (Walmart)

If you're anything like me, one of your resolutions for 2024 is to declutter your home and get organized — specifically the closet. It's amazing how quickly clothes and shoes pile up with no good place to store them! Luckily, Walmart is secretly stocked with some of the best clothing storage and organization products I've seen. Even better, they're all on sale — some for as low as $8. There's everything from fabric boxes that go under your bed to underwear drawer dividers and a whole extra closet extension (just wait). There's even a holder specifically made for your (very large) leggings collection. Ready to get organized? Scroll down for my favorite storage products and make sure to add them to your cart while they're still marked down.

Quick overview
  • Honeier Closet Organizers and Storage Bags for Clothes, 3-Pack

  • Fabulas Acrylic Clear Shelf Dividers, 6-Pack

    Save $10
  • Aceur Under-the-Bed Storage Bags, 5-Pack

    Save $12
  • PinkSheep Foldable Fabric Storage Cube Bins, Set of 2

    Save $2
  • Bestena Drawer Divider for Wardrobe, 5-Pack

    Save $4
  • Taihexin Clothes Hanger Connector Hooks, 100-Piece

    Save $9
  • Kusmil Foldable Leggings Organizer

    Save $13
  • Honey-Can-Do Square Nesting Wicker Baskets, Set of 3

    Save $4
  • Generic Portable Closet Organizer

    Save $33
  • Zimtown 10-Tier Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover

    Save $11
  • Loyerfyivos Socks and Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer

    Save $5
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Ideal for switching out seasonal clothes, these babies are made with durable and breathable fabric to keep your clothing safe from, well, pretty much everything. They feature a handy transparent window so you can easily find what you need and come with an inside divider to separate them into two sections for some bonus organization points. 

$15 at Walmart

These acrylic shelf dividers work magic if you want to up your closet organization game but don't want to buy a whole new storage solution. Simply snap them right onto your shelves to help separate sweaters and jeans from bags and other accessories. It'll make it easy to keep things nice and tidy moving forward. 

$26 at Walmart

You can never go wrong with a set of storage bags that slide right under the bed. Unlike classic plastic ones, these fabric ones have a collapsible design and are made of breathable material. And they won't take up precious closet space!

$24 at Walmart

Okay, I already own collapsible fabric storage cubes and they have changed my life. These cubes are super simple, affordable and come in eight different colors including beige, black, pink and yellow. They're super helpful when it comes to storing things like larger sweaters that you want easy access to but can't really fit in your drawer. 

$12 at Walmart

Instead of having to dig through your underwear drawer for your favorite bralette (we all have one), just use this pack of five drawer dividers. The open-top design allows you to see everything when you open the drawer. And since this set comes in all different sizes, you can easily use them for socks, tanks and whatever other small clothing items you want to organize.  

$11 at Walmart

Not only are these hanger gadgets super convenient, they're also super, super pretty. They loop over the hook on your hanger to create a second hanger for another hanger, and so on and so forth. With these, three pieces of clothing can take up the space of one in your closet. 

$8 at Walmart

Wait, how cool is this legging organizer? It can hang over any door or rod to give you 24 compartments for your favorite comfy go-tos. Obviously, you don't have to use it just for leggings — it can also fit things like socks, T-shirts and bras. 

$13 at Walmart

I have this exact set of wicker storage baskets and I have never been happier with a purchase. I use them to store my winter accessories and leave them on the bookshelf nearest to the front door for easy grab-and-go access. They're just so pretty that I want to show them off, and you will too. 

$20 at Walmart

I mean, why stop at closet organizing gadgets when you can just get a whole second closet for $26? This portable closet — complete with a removable cloth fabric cover — has three hanging rods to hang clothes. It also comes with seven storage areas to put folded shirts or pants, quilts, shoes and more. This would've been so helpful when I lived in an apartment that didn't have much closet space. 

$36 at Walmart

If you're not looking for a whole portable closet like the one above, you can also nab this smaller option that's specifically made for your shoes. It's super easy to fit in a walk-in closet or mudroom. You can even remove shelves to fit taller boots!

$18 at Walmart

This discreet wall-mounted underwear holder is honestly the coolest thing I've ever seen. It's self-adhesive so you can install it by yourself in a breeze. And think of all of the other small things you can organize with these! Put one in your bedroom for your underwear, another in your bathroom for things like scrunchies and washcloths, and then one next to your bed for hand creams and late-night snacks. 

$9 at Walmart

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