These are countries where people throw away the most rubbish

This picture taken on July 2, 2019 in Guyot Environnement recycling company shows cranes lifting an old scrap car next to a pile of mettalic waste, in Brest, western France. - Guyot Environnement announced on July 2, 2019 the buy-out of the Spanish company Hirumet. (Photo by Fred TANNEAU / AFP)        (Photo credit should read FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images)
Not enough of the world's waste is being recycled, a report has warned (Picture: AFP/Getty)

More than 2 billion tonnes of solid household waste is being created worldwide each year - and here are the countries which are the worst offenders.

The waste is enough to fill more than 800,000 Olympic size swimming pools and would stretch 25,000 miles if laid out end-to-end, a report by research firm Verisk Maplecroft.

It said that only 16% of the total waste - or 323 million tonnes - is recycled each year, while 46% (950 million tonnes) is disposed of unsustainably.

The country which produces the most household waste is the US, where citizens are responsible for 773kg per head per year.

The US generates 239 million tonnes of municipal solid waste, which equates to 12% of the global figure, even though the country only accounts for 4% of the world’s population.

A worker stands amid rubbish at CoopFuturo, a sorting collective which receives rubbish from the local government collection service and then sells the material to specialized recycling companies, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 21, 2019. - Brazil is the fourth biggest producer of plastic rubbish in the world, beaten only by the United States, China and India, according to a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But the Latin American country recycles just 1.28 percent of the 11.4 million tonnes it generates every year, which the report said was well below the global average of nine percent. (Photo by CARL DE SOUZA / AFP)        (Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)
Only 16% of the world's waste is being recycled, the report said (Picture: AFP/Getty)

The US produces three times the amount of waste as China, the report said, and seven times as much as Ethiopia, the lowest risk country on the list.

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In addition, it only recycles 35% of its solid waste.

Niall Smith, one of the report’s authors, said: "Where the US is doing badly is the relationship between what it generates and its capacity to recycle.

"And relative to its high income peers, that's where it is performing poorly."

The UK was in 14th place in the list of the worst countries when it comes to waste, generating 482kg per person per year.

An excavator turns around the mounds of waste at the Uzhhorod landfill, Uzhhorod, western Ukraine, June 22, 2019.  The 20-year-old landfill for domestic solid waste has almost reached its limit. The layer of litter here reaches 18 metres (59 feet) with seven metres (23 feet) of refuse buried underground. However, several dozens of people keep the situation at bay as they scour waste for recyclables. Ukrinform. (Photo credit should read Serhii Hudak / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
The worst offenders for household waste have been revealed (Picture: Getty)

The report said progress in the UK has “stalled for the best part of a decade”.

The report read: “While it is the 7th best performing country in the recycling index globally, it still only has a recycling rate of 44%.”

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