These Wooden Gadgets Are Inspired By Retro Space Lego


A Lego-loving designer created a series of stunning handmade wooden gadgets based on pieces from the famous Danish toy brand’s space range.

The eight 6:1 scale models of Lego pieces are replicas from the ‘Legoland Space’ line, which was first introduced in 1978 and grew to be extremely popular in the ‘80s.


Modular units fit together to form bigger gadgets (Love Hultén)

First unveiled last year, the fully functional gadgets include a telephone, a microphone and games console and are the work of Swedish designer Love Hultén.

Some of the modular pieces can be joined together, just like Lego, including the computer, monitor devices and controller devices.


The designer’s artwork is a homage to the original Lego packaging (Love Hultén)

The vintage-styled lineup - named The Brix System - also includes a series of audio effects machines that link up to a speaker that looks like a Lego brick.


A working telephone is among the handcrafted gadgets (Love Hultén)

“Like most people, I was raised by Lego. For this project, I chose to work with a set of decorated bricks from the iconic 79-87 "Legoland Space” line. These were bricks that would trigger my imagination as a child. 25 years have passed, and they still trigger”, said Love Hultén.


The gadgets are scale models of the original Lego space bricks (Love Hultén)

Sadly the gadgets don’t appear to be available to buy, though the designer recently crowdfunded the retro-style Pixel Vision portable game system on Kickstarter, so there’s still hope yet.

Image credit: Love Hultén

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