Thespian cops in India act out the dangers of coronavirus

Traffic police personnel have taken the novel approach of spreading the awareness on coronavirus amid the 21-day-long nationwide lockdown set in place to contain the deadly pandemic in southern India.

The incident took place near Trinity Church in Mahatma Gandhi Road of Bengaluru on March 30, 2020.

The Ulsoor traffic police forces have taken to skit performance to urge people to stay at home during the lockdown.

The video shows a violator on a motorcycle being pursued by two constables wearing a specially designed coronavirus helmet.

The police personnel attacks the motorcyclist similar to how the virus spreads due to violation of social distancing.

According to the reports, the police personnel decided to spread awareness among the lockdown violators as punishing and warning did not yield any positive effects.

The whole performance tries to bring out the importance of 21-day lockdown, staying at home and social distancing.