Thibodeau facing 11 counts, judge lowers bail

Mar. 23—PLATTSBURGH — Robert Thibodeau, the man suspected of attempting to bring firearms to CVPH in Plattsburgh and use them on the staff there last month, is facing 11 counts in court stemming from that incident.

According to court documents, the 11 counts he is facing break down into: three counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree; one count of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; three counts of criminal possession of a firearm; one count of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree; and three counts of unlawful possession of an ammunition feeding device.


Standing next to his defense counsel, Peter Dumas of Malone, Thibodeau entered a not guilty plea for each count during his arraignment in Clinton County Court Friday afternoon before Judge Keith Bruno.

Thibodeau was initially facing just one count of second-degree criminal possession of a loaded firearm, a class C felony, for the incident.

As previously reported by the Press-Republican, police apprehended Thibodeau, 52, of Plattsburgh Feb. 13, after receiving a call from a relative of his that he was on his way to University of Vermont Health Network — Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh and believed to be in possession of loaded firearms.

The relative, who was later identified as Thibodeau's brother, also told police that Thibodeau had recently been terminated from the hospital and made comments about returning to CVPH to harm individuals. He then provided police with a description of Thibodeau's vehicle, police said.


Plattsburgh City Police, with the assistance of the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, SUNY Plattsburgh University Police and New York State Police, were then able to intercept Thibodeau on Prospect Avenue near Broad Street in the City of Plattsburgh.

Police had said at the time of his apprehension, Thibodeau was found in possession of several firearms.

According to court documents, Thibodeau was found in possession of a loaded Armelegent 12-gauge shotgun; a Panther Arms .308 cal. AR, an assault weapon; a Rock Island Armory 1911 pistol; a Colt .38 Special revolver; and a Taurus the Judge revolver.

Court documents further showed Thibodeau was found in possession of: an ammunition feeding device, loaded into an Armelegent 12 gauge shotgun, where such device contained more than seven rounds of ammunition; an ammunition feeding device loaded into a Rock Island Armory 1911 pistol, where such device contained more than seven rounds of ammunition; and an ammunition feeding device, not loaded into a pistol, where such device contained more than seven rounds of ammunition.

Thibodeau has been in Clinton County Jail since Feb. 13.

His bail in Plattsburgh City Court was initially set at $250,000 cash, $500,000 bond or $500,000 partially secured bond at 10%.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Kehm Friday asked Judge Bruno for the bail and bond amount to remain the same until his next court appearance, which will be on or around May 6.

Despite Thibodeau being a local with no criminal history, Kehm said Thibodeau is facing "serious" firearm related felonies and could be sentenced to lengthy terms of incarceration. He said there's also "evidence" that Thibodeau did not follow law enforcement's initial orders to stop his vehicle at the time of the incident.

Given these factors laid out, Kehm said bail as set by the lower court is "appropriate" and should remain, at least, for the duration of the matter.

Dumas felt differently, saying bail is for one purpose and it's to make sure someone "shows up for court" not to "punish" an individual or even "protect" the community.

Additionally, Dumas said since Thibodeau has been in jail, he has been a "model" individual.

"He's cooperated fully."

Dumas noted Thibodeau's lack of a criminal history as well, saying he has one incident on his record for a marijuana offense in Virginia, which he isn't sure would even be a crime in New York now, he said.


Dumas then acknowledged Thibodeau being a local, pointing out that his family was there in court. He said Thibodeau has been cooperative with him as well and assured he would return to court for his next appearance.

Dumas didn't agree with the previous bail amount and said he doesn't know of many people in Plattsburgh who could afford that.

"I know Robert can't afford $250,000."

Judge Bruno agreed to lower Thibodeau's bail to $100,000 cash, $200,000 bond or $500,000 partially secured bond at 10% paid.


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