Thief stole £500,000 of Range Rovers - but was caught due to 'distinctive' tattoo

Reece Woodthorpe was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court
-Credit: (Image: West Midlands Police)

A man who played a 'vital' role in a string of high-end vehicle thefts in the West Midlands has been jailed. Reece Woodthorpe saw his criminal enterprise collapse after being caught out by a 'distinctive' tattoo on his hand.

Woodthorpe was believed to have played a leading role in orchestrating and enabling numerous car thefts in the West Midlands. He targeted mainly Range Rovers, with the stolen vehicles said to be worth more than £500,000.

Detectives said his fate was sealed after an image of him was discovered on a phone they had seized. It included a distinctive tattoo on his hand captured while he was driving one of the stolen vehicles, said West Midlands Police.

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Officers searched his home and recovered a key fob and electronic equipment used to access vehicles by keyless means from down the side of a sofa, said West Midlands Police. An expert analyst found that the device was used to steal at least eight Range Rovers.

Woodthorpe, 24, admitted conspiring with others, between November 13, 2021, and May 19, 2022, to dishonestly undertake in the theft of vehicles, said West Midlands Police. He was jailed for four years and seven months at Birmingham Crown Court.

Woodthorpe was caught red-handed after stealing high-end vehicles worth more than £500,000
Woodthorpe was caught red-handed after stealing high-end vehicles worth more than £500,000 -Credit:West Midlands Police

DC Amy Miller, from the West Midlands Police Major Crime Unit, said: “It was a sophisticated operation with Woodthorpe playing a key part in its organisation.

“He was vital in providing the equipment to others in order for them to steal high-value vehicles from their rightful owners. But we were able to compile an in-depth and detailed case against him which has resulted in him now being behind bars and off our streets.”

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