The right thing to do: MPs react to Andrea Leadsom’s decision to quit

By Edd Dracott, Press Association
While Tories praised her decision to leave, Labour's deputy leader criticised her timing.

Fellow Conservative Party MPs have described Andrea Leadsom’s decision to leave the Government due to its Brexit approach as “absolutely the right thing to do”, while a Labour MP wished her well.

Scottish Tory Ross Thomson tweeted: “Sad to see @andrealeadsom leave Government but absolutely the right thing to do.

“This new Agreement breaks the last promise that was possible to break on a second EU referendum.”

Another Conservative MP, Chris Heaton-Harris, tweeted: “A great shame, but completely understandable.

“Tomorrow she would have had to announce a Bill containing elements (2nd referendum and Customs Union) that she simply could not support in good faith.”

Meanwhile Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson criticised Mrs Leadsom’s decision to step down on the eve of the European elections, calling it a “slap in the face” for her Tory colleagues.

He tweeted: “I accept that she may want to go but to do it the night before an election looks odd.

“It’s also a slap in the face to Tory party members who are working hard to get their candidates elected tomorrow.”

Labour MP Jess Phillips said she liked Mrs Leadsom and commended her work in helping to introduce proxy voting for MPs.

“I liked Leadsom she had our back in the complaints process and she was vital in the proxy voting,” tweeted Ms Phillips.

“I think she’s wrong about second referendum threatening the union and being divisive but I wish her well.”

In a statement posted to his party’s website, Labour chairman Ian Lavery said the resignation of Mrs Leadsom shows “the Prime Minister’s authority is shot and her time is up”.

“While the Tories are ripping themselves apart, our country is in crisis. The Government has made a catastrophic mess of the Brexit negotiations, our steel industry is under threat and universal credit is pushing people into poverty.

“For the sake of the country, Theresa May needs to go, and we need an immediate general election.”

Conservative MP Craig Tracey appeared to mock the situation as Theresa May lost a key member of her Cabinet.

“Just heard Larry the Downing Street Cat is considering his position,” he tweeted.