'I think we are absolutely f*****': Dominic Cummings describes moment officials realised extent of COVID crisis

Dominic Cummings has described the moment Downing Street officials realised the extent of the coronavirus disaster in March last year: “I think we are absolutely f*****."

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser, giving long-awaited evidence to the House of Commons health and social care and science and technology committees on Wednesday, quoted a senior official as saying: “There is no plan.”

He described how on 13 March last year, 10 days before the first lockdown, officials realised “something has gone fundamentally wrong in the wiring of the system”.

Cummings, who earlier in the meeting accused the prime minister of failing to take COVID seriously at the start of the outbreak, said the government’s initial plans to deal with the virus would “completely smash through the capacity of the NHS” and that the UK was “heading for the biggest disaster the country has seen since 1940”.

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