Third Melbourne council scraps ‘insensitive’ Australia Day celebrations 'out of respect for Aboriginals’

A third Melbourne council has decided to scrap Australia Day (Rex)

A third Melbourne council has decided to scrap Australia Day celebrations after they were compared to the Holocaust.

Moreland City council has now joined Melbourne’s Yarra and Darwin councils in voting to scrap  the commemoration out of respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Australia Day takes place on January 26 and marks the anniversary of the arrival of Britain’s First Fleet in 1788.

Protestors have demanded the date be moved out of respect (Rex)
Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said most people in the country supported the day (Rex)

But Moreland City councillor Sue Bolton said the celebration was more “like celebrating the Nazi Holocaust”.

She added that the date was “grossly insensitive”.

However, assistant immigration minister Alex Hawke said the Australian government “strongly condemns comparisons of Australia Day with the Nazi Holocaust as deeply offensive to all Australians”.


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Australia Day has grown more controversial in recent years, with protests on the streets organised in an attempt to change the date or scrap it entirely.

However, the Australian government insists most people in the country support it.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said last month: “An attack on Australia Day is a repudiation of the values the day celebrates: freedom, a fair go, mateship and diversity.”

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