Thirsty hippo enjoys drinking tea from plastic bottle

A hippo has been pictured - enjoying drinking TEA from a plastic bottle.

Jessica the hippopotamus can be seen enjoying herself as she gulps down diluted tea at a South African safari as guests kiss her. 

The "gentle giant" has taken residence at Mad Mongoose after an action-packed life that has seen her appear in movies, TV shows and become loved across the world.

The African hippo's life started in tragedy when flash flooding ripped her apart from her mother only hours after birth in 2000

Luckily she was found damaged but intact by Tonie and Shirley Joubert in March 2000, and the couple raised her into adulthood in South Africa. 

Now she lives at the South African safari Mad Mongoose, co-owned by Dan Liddell, Stefan Higgs and Jochen Van De Perre.

"She's such a gentle giant," said Dan. 

"Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa so it is crazy to get that close to her.

"Jessica is awe-inspiring and magical."

The hippo has appeared on Sky News and BBC News and in a documentary called "The Dark Side of the Hippos" in February 2006. 

She has also featured in National Geographic three times and even made her film debut in South African comedy "Mr Bones" when she was only a one year old.