Thirsty Koala Bottle-Fed by Firefighter as Cudlee Creek Fire Rages

A thirsty koala was bottle-fed by a firefighter battling a blaze in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills on December 21.

The Oakbank Balhannah CFS shared the video and said: “Came across this thirsty little guy while out at the Cudlee Creek fire this afternoon, gave him a few bottles of water and he was on his way!”

Bushfires broke out in Cudlee Creek on Friday and by Sunday they had destroyed dozens of homes. The region’s wineries were reported to be devastated by the fires.

The South Australia fires were confirmed to have destroyed 86 homes and more than 500 other structures, 7 News reported.

The Bureau of Meteorology, South Australia said heat-wave conditions were persisting over the north of the state and temperatures in the 40s Celsius (104 F and above) were expected to return to Adelaide by the following weekend. Credit: Oakbank Balhannah CFS via Storyful